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Minty's Portfolio

Starting in 2000 as a production artist (2 years), to production designer (2 years), graphic designer (3 years), art director (8 years), and creative director (7+ years), a large amount of design work, campaigns, and projects have been completed. 12 years on the agency side, 8 years on the in-house corporate side, and now 3+ years as a Creative Director for Trilogy Visual Media, Inc.
Below is but a small sample of the work that has been accomplished.


From hi-tech to mom & pop, the logo represents the company's identity and mission.
We work closely to learn about and create a brand that is a reflection of that company.


Infographics & Illustrations

People love pictures. Showing a process through pictures is not only visually engaging but preferred to having to read. Just look at an Ikea instruction sheet! We can help you turn your step-by-step into an infographic that also matches your brand. Illustrations for any purpose can also be created.


Event Graphics

From booth graphics to entire internal or external events, we can create production-ready graphics for your live or virtual event. Theme logos can also be created to complement your brand and convey your current messaging.


Executive Level Presentations

Presentation slides are a great way to convey information. It's tough, however to show it in a graphically pleasing way. That's where we come in and massage your work to make it sleek and professional-looking.

Presentations THumbnail.png


Online web banners, flyers, and social media graphics. Printed collateral such as brochures, flyers, case studies, white papers. Whatever information you need laid out with graphics, it can be designed for you from concept to production.


Scripting & Storyboarding

Whether it be a product video, sizzle reel, instructional clip, or promotional recording, a script and storyboard is important for consistency, clarity of messaging.

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